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User Abuse

Please abide by our rules and regulations, the golden rules being "Treat others with respect" and "Don't cheat".

When you become a part of the Nexon community, you are joining millions of players worldwide. We understand thatwith a large player base, disputes and misunderstandings can arise from time to time; however, our in-game/online staff will do their best to resolve these as they happen. Please refrain from instigating incidents or retaliatory action during game play and online message board activity.

There are a number of circumstances that can result in disciplinary action against your account, on both the forumsand in-game. Appropriate action will be taken during any incidents of community disruption, violation of the EULA, or any other action that may be deemed inappropriate by the Nexon America staff. So you are aware of examples of disciplinary action, the full EULA is available online.

Also note that Nexon America personnel are free to determine the appropriate action if a violation is determinedto have taken place. This action, while regretful in some cases, is not open to interpretation or appeal to third parties. All disputes will be handled by our internal Customer Support department should the need arise, and please note that all decisions are final.

Please remember that it is a privilege, not a right, to play any Nexon America game. Game and Forum access maybe removed at any time, without warning. You consent to our rules and regulations the moment you click "I Accept" and login into either our games, or our online forums. We also reserve the right to change the EULA/Terms of Use at any time without notification.

We enjoy having you as a part of our community and hope you enjoy our games.

Thanks for playing!